Client Services

State And Local Government Relations

Charles Street Strategies relies on an uncommon understanding of the policy process to provide clients with top-tier representations at the State House and in cities and towns across the Commonwealth. Our decades of experience in the halls of government give clients the opportunity to meet decision-makers  where they are and present their best case.

Public-Private Expertise

Government and business working in unison to achieve major accomplishments built this country, and remains an effective path to speed and success for your bottom line. But the game has changed and, at Charles Street, clients can draw from a deep well of experience, decades of relationships, and a keen grasp of both policy and the pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Real Estate Development

Charles Street Strategists have worked on some of the region’s biggest projects, and we pride ourselves on bringing our expertise to serve clients at every step of what can be an exhaustive – and exhausting – process. Decades in commercial and residential development, community mitigation, and the zoning process across sectors and projects of all shape and size have built insight and relationships that clear your path. From concept to partnerships to the smallest detail, we don’t stop until your ribbon-cutting.

Budgetary And Legislative Lobbying

What others dismiss as kabuki theater or too bewildering to understand, our Charles Street Strategists view as opportunity. Navigating the thicket of the legislative process – from appropriations to regulations to the inner workings of conference committees – stewarding the long-held priorities of your business is ours.

Policy And Political Intelligence

At Charles Street Strategies, we believe firmly that one of the best ways we can serve clients is by learning their business, knowing how it interacts with the public sector, and being able to provide up-to-date intelligence that they need to succeed. Decades of relationships and mastering the oft-opaque policy process lets Charles Street Strategies provide your early warning system.

Licensing – Permitting – Community Advocacy

Charles Street Strategies provides strategic advocacy for clients in the food and beverage industry, hospitality, sports and entertainment sectors.  Charles Street Strategies will advocate through local state and federal regulations to get the permits and community approvals necessary for your business to operate successfully.  

Non-Profit Advocacy

Good causes deserve good advocates, and Charles Street Strategies has been gratified over the years to partner with non-profit organizations whose best argument is their work. We help shape arguments best suited to the political environment, put you in touch with the right people, and work for you just as hard as you work for the people you help.